29 november 2015

Thanksgiving thanks

Driving to and from Los Angeles on Thanksgiving weekend is not very smart.
I read somewhere that in California, there are more cars than in the whole of Russia.
True or untrue, but they all were on my roads this weekend.
Today, they for sure were on Highway 5.

All Thanksgiving celebrators were heading for home
and the traffic was nervous, not to say aggressive.
Everyone wanted to come first. (Not me of course!)
Everyone was looking for that little gap where they could pass me and squeeze in.

Verily I say unto you:
Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Thanksgiving weekend
is like driving in a seven hour-lasting hysterical rush hour.
Nothing less.

So after a very blessed Thanksgiving,
I want to give my thanks to God for keeping us safe on the roads,
to Andreas and Keri and their lovely kids who hosted us so warmly.
And last but not least to my wonderful co-driver on the roads of life,

who now, less than ten minutes after our return home
is digging in the Christmas boxes
in order to prepare our home for Advent.
I give you my Thanks!

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